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Chrono Trigger- Lucca 2012

3 inches tall

First of the 3 ladies of Chrono Trigger I made. I really like how she came out. Might I even say, slightly proud.

01    02    03    04


I don’t think I put this up on this blog yet.

This was a fan-sculpt I did for Jubilatio of their OC, Dezzi.

It was a year late, but I got it done. She was so nice and colored my OC Sybil she sketched for me =D


I actually passed the 777th follower a little while a go but I needed to set up some stuff before I can hold the give away.


-1st Place: all 4 Pokemon charm key-chains

-2nd Place(3): your choice of a Pokemon Charm key-chain 

AND Here are the rules of this giveaway:

-Please reblog this post and follow my blog.

-I’ll be picking out the winners randomly from the note of this post, 3 weeks from now. (07/21/14)

It’s a small giveaway but I hope you participate!

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Sif cookies in FunkoPOP style! Since there isn’t currently a Sif Funko bobblehead, the awesome Tsarinajissa mocked me up an inspirational sketch based on comics-Sif!

They’re strawberry-flavored sugar cookies with royal icing, food coloring marker, and edible silver glaze. Sadly, one of the cookies had a headdress accident and is currently in cookie triage. She should be repaired by tomorrow. 

As with the She-Hulk cookies, quizzical eyebrows are pretty much my favorite thing. 


The palette challenge is surprisingly very fun to do


The work of Chinese concept artist ZCL.

You can follow Cinema/Gorgeous on Facebook for more beautiful art.


The beautiful artwork of Chinese artist Su Jian.

You can follow Cinema/Gorgeous on Facebook for more beautiful art.


Filipino artist Noel Cruz transforms mass-produced dolls to create stunningly realistic one-of-a-kind figures of celebrities.”