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For my followers!

I feel like this is one of Tumblr’s official phrases ;)

Available Here!

Because you need a Fall-fashion colored, sarcastic Necklace.

Available here

Are you Tumblr Famous? Do you have a post out there with thousands of notes? Is your blog or are you well known? Do you want to be a little sassy and brag about it? Of course you!

Maybe you’re not Tumblr Famous (I’m not) but maybe you’d like people to think you are and therefore check out your Tumblr, since you’re claiming to be famous. Yeah? Yeah!

Seriously, this is just a fun piece of jewelry. Available Here!

The House Martell symbol is a red sun (with orange and yellow highlights) cast in resin and accented with translucent orange disk. The golden yellow spear piercing through it. I took some liberties with color and inspiration for this sigil. I hope you like this as much as I do.

Available here